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          1. Clothing irons 熨斗

          Some people suggest using a little vinegar to clean the inside of your iron, but it's not a good idea. The acid can eat away at the heating element and wreck the whole thing.


          2. Dishwashers 洗碗机

          Really, running vinegar through the dishwasher seems kind of like a great way to freshen it up. And many a blogger recommends using white vinegar instead of rinse aid. In fact, its high acidity can damage your dishwasher, especially any rubber parts in the rinse-aid cavity.


          When Consumer Reportstested vinegar to see if it would remove water film, “It didn’t do a thing.” “It was perhaps better than nothing back in the day, but there are specially formulated dishwasher cleaners today that work really well.”


          3. Washing machines 洗衣机

          Just like with dishwashers, it can corrode the rubber parts, like seals and hoses, causing leaks, and nobody wants a leaky washing machine. CR notes that front-load washers are especially susceptible to vinegar-related damage.


          4. Egg messes 鸡蛋

          Real Simplesuggests not using vinegar to clean up messes that involve eggs "because the acid will react with the eggs, changing their consistency and making it more difficult to remove."


          5. Greasy messes 油污

          It would seem like something acidic would cut through grease, but greasy messes respond better to alkaline cleaners, like baking soda or Borax. For messy, grease-laden cookware and appliances, try a mix of baking soda and dish soap.


          6. Electronic screens 电子屏幕

          Vinegar works for windows, so hey, why not computer screens? DO NOT TRY THIS! Not on your computer, phone, tablet, or television. Vinegar can mar a screen's surface and can hamper the responsiveness of a touch screen.


          CR suggests using a soft sponge or cloth dampened with water. "For stubborn spots, try a solution of dish soap highly diluted with water, applied to the cloth and not to the screen itself. (Panasonic recommends a 100:1 ratio of water to soap.)"


          7. Wood furniture and flooring 实木家具和地板

          Vinegar can eat away at the protective finish on some wood floors and furniture, making them appear sad and cloudy rather than rich and shiny. Use all-natural products that are specifically made for wood for best results.